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Diamond Crafts: Aprons and more

Suited Black

Suited Black

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Crafted for professionals who need to dress up for special occasions.
We use the finest black fabric cotton-poly blend. Soft and durable. We detailed the apron with minimal black buttons and a pocket square. It supports our overall strap design. 
The layout consists:
-Pocket for your phone
-Pen sleeve
-Pocket square
-A big pocket divided into two smaller pockets to avoid bulking.

Our overall strap design gives the opportunity to own multiple strap colors and patterns, simply change them to fit your outfit.
 Every apron we sell can be configured in two ways:
-Neck support 
You try both and you decide what fits you more.

The apron is adjustable in size by adjusting the neck and waist straps. 

Choose the strap color of your preference.

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